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MCCF Donation Dream Big

The Valsef Dream Big Foundation Proudly Supports the Montreal Community Cares Foundation

The Valsef Dream Big Foundation is passionately committed to following its values and mission of making Montreal a better place by improving the lives of its residents, particularly its youth. With a deep-seated belief in the power of youth sports, the importance of physical activity, and the correlation between a healthy body and a healthy mind, the foundation is dedicated to supporting qualified charitable organizations that align with its core values.

In pursuit of this mission, we are delighted to announce our recent donation to the Montreal Community Cares Foundation (“MCCF”), an organization that shares our commitment to empowering youth through sports, education, and community engagement.

About The Montreal Community Cares Foundation

The Montreal Community Cares Foundation, founded by Denburk Reid, stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of Montrealers to creating a more pleasant and better city. Reid, the President and Founder of MCCF, brings a unique perspective shaped by his own life experiences. His journey was profoundly influenced by exceptional coach-mentors who went beyond teaching sports skills; they imparted invaluable life lessons and served as guiding lights. These mentors not only steered him away from potential pitfalls but also nurtured a path of positivity. For Reid, basketball wasn’t just about the game; it represented profound life lessons that sports and mentorship can offer.

The Montreal Community Cares Foundation mirrors these values and is committed to equipping youth with essential tools for leadership, mindfulness, fitness, and responsible citizenship. Among the array of impactful programs, the Red Rush Basketball Program, Financial Literacy initiatives, and Life Coaching for Teens are standout examples of MCCF’s dedication to the well-being and success of Montreal’s young individuals.

The Red Rush Basketball Program, for instance, not only develops basketball skills but also fosters qualities such as teamwork, leadership, and discipline while promoting a strong sense of community. MCCF’s financial education programs ensure that young individuals are equipped with crucial financial skills, including personal financial management, investing strategies, and budgeting. Furthermore, the Life Coaching for Teens program empowers youth to bridge the gap between their current situations and their aspirations through a solution-focused, strengths-based approach.

The Valsef Dream Big Foundation’s Contribution

Our donation to MCCF is a testament to our shared dedication to nurturing resilience, self-confidence, and social responsibility among the next generation. This act of philanthropy underscores the strength of community and collaboration, where organizations like the Valsef Dream Big Foundation and the Montreal Community Cares Foundation join forces to create a more promising future for our youth.

MCCF Donation Dream Big

We, at the Valsef Dream Big Foundation, extend our heartfelt gratitude to MCCF for their unwavering dedication to youth empowerment. Through our donation, we aspire to contribute to MCCF’s legacy of mentorship and community engagement. As we look ahead, let us celebrate the profound impact that collective action can have and continue supporting organizations like MCCF, as they tirelessly work to shape a brighter tomorrow for Montreal’s youth. Together, we are making Montreal a more pleasant place, bettering the environment, and empowering its future leaders.

To learn more about the Montreal Community Cares Foundation, visit their website:

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