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Dream Big, Give Big Valsef’s Philanthropic Initiative

Dream Big, Give Big: Valsef’s Philanthropic Initiative

Uniting for a Brighter Montreal

Founded in 2022, the Valsef Dream Big Foundation started with the singular purpose of improving the lives of Montrealers through donations to charitable organizations.  Committed to bringing about a positive transformation in the lives of Montreal’s residents, their support is centered on four core areas: Youth, Education, Environment, and Health.

“Driven by our desire to make an impact, we chose to engage not only ourselves but our companies and community. The creation of the Dream Big Foundation became our means to actively enhance Montreal through a series of purposeful initiatives,” said Stephane Manos, President of the Dream Big Foundation, and cofounder of Valsoft.

When asked how he hopes the Foundation will help Montreal, Manos explained, “we are dedicated to supporting Montreal’s youth through physical, mental, and educational activities; raising awareness about mental health; and supporting improvements to health and social services, like children’s hospitals. Our unwavering focus on the betterment of Montreal promises a lasting impact.”

Magnifying the Power of Good Deeds

By aligning their mission with the idea of collective responsibility, Valsef Group co-founders Stephane Manos and Sam Youssef, underscore the significance of community engagement with all organizations under Valsef Group contributing 1% of profits to the Foundation. Their commitment to matching every dollar raised for The Dream Big Foundation amplifies the impact of every donation.

The profound significance of their initiative becomes evident when you realize that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to the charitable organization. All contributions make a meaningful impact.

Valsef’s Group’s commitment to supporting the Dream Big Foundation not only involves the financial aspect but also serves as a powerful reminder that collective efforts can bring about positive change. We all play a part in making our city a better place.

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